Pop in for lunch at Max’s Kitchen

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Breakfast (served until 12pm)

Full English breakfast    £6.50
Bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms, toast, hash brown or chips
Extras; 50p

Bacon Sandwich    £2.95
Sausage Sandwich     £3.20
Bacon, Sausage & Egg    £3.70

Baguette instead of sandwich incurs a 40p charge. All our sandwiches are made with Chalk Hills white bloomer, baked fresh every morning.

Hot Pastries

We offer a range of hot pastry items for you to enjoy, either as a meal or on their own. These include:

Cheese & Bacon Turnovers    £1.95
Sausage Rolls    £1.95
Pizza    £2.25

Sandwiches, Wraps & Baguettes

Sandwich/Wrap      Baguette

Rare Roast Beef                      £2.95          £3.30
Ham & Dijon                            £2.95          £3.30
Salt Beef & Gherkin                £2.95          £3.30
Prawn Mayo                             £2.95          £3.30
Roast Chicken Mayo               £2.95          £3.30
Tuna & Red Onion                  £2.85          £3.20
Cheese & Branston Pickle     £2.85          £3.20
Free Range Egg                       £2.85          £3.20
Extras 50p

Hot Pastries

Brownies    £1.50
Flapjacks    £1.50
Cookies    95p
Chocolate    70p
Tart (ask for todays filling)    £1.50

Max’s Kitchen Burgers

All of our burgers are handmade by us, using proper minced beef, with just a touch of seasoning added.

Original Burger    £3.50
Served with your choice of sauce, in a toasted bun.

Double Burger!                     £4.95
Add chips to your burger     £1.50

Cheese    40p
Gherkins    40p
Crispy Bacon   40p
Homemade Coleslaw    40p
Chilli    40p

Sauces (all free of charge):

HP Sauce
Dijon Mustard

Main Meals

Homemade Beef Lasagne    £5.95
served with chips & salad

Chilli con carne    £5.95
served with rice & garlic bread

Sausage & Mash    £4.95
served with homemade onion gravy  

Homemade Quiche     £4.95
served with chips & salad

Pizza & Chips    £4.95
served with salad or homemade coleslaw

Oven Baked Potato    £3.80
with cheese & beans or tuna mayo served with salad & coleslaw

Homemade Soup (see the board)    £3.50
served with ½ a baguette        

Small Chips    95p
Large Chips    £1.95

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