WATB Creative Ltd


Web development and creative design.

A small, but perfectly formed, team of designers, developers and creatives. We craft websites, brands and a variety of collateral for some marvellous clients.

WATB stands for What Are The Buttons, that’s our full blown name. The thing is, when you ring someone up and say “Hi, it’s ‘me’ from what are the buttons”, you either get a laugh or asked to repeat it. That’s not always a bad thing but after a while we decided to chop it down to just WATB.

We work slightly differently to a lot of companies, we like to become part of your business or project, pseudo board members if you like. We’re in it to make your idea work, if you succeed we succeed. It’s this approach that makes our clients happy, we dig as deep as we can to find out exactly what you need and where to implement it.

“We’re in it to make your idea work, if you succeed we succeed.”

We strongly believe here at WATB that it is our responsiblity to care for the environment. That’s why we use carbon neutral hosting, for our website as well as the clients we provide hosting for. Our carbon offsetting works by contributing to a number of hydropower renewable energy schemes.

How to contact us:

T: 020 3397 1174
E: info@watb.co.uk
Twitter: @watb_team