nTrust systems

IT Support and Services you can trust – When you just want IT to work

› We are an IT support and Services company; our core values are service and relationships.

› Service – We answer the phone within 5 seconds.

› Relationships – Our client retention is 97% and that includes original clients from when we started 10 years ago.

www.nTrustsystems.co.uk  – IT Outsourcing – Core clients will have 5 to 250 employees 

Each of our retained clients effectively gets their own Head of IT as well as their own personal IT Department. On-site servers or Private Cloud solutions we are solution agnostic, it comes down to what is the most appropriate solution for you the client, we help you decide.

Using a local state of the art datacenter we are able to provide an extensive portfolio of services that includes:

  • Private Cloud,
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Encrypted on line Backup
  • VOIP telephony

www.nCover.co.uk – Fixed price IT support for clients with 1 to 5 PC’s. (New product launched June 2014)
nCover – Unlimited remote IT support which includes business class Anti-Virus protection and an on-line Encrypted Backup from £35 per month per PC.

How to contact us:

Call us:
03331 50 60 70

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